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History the ESA of Ohio

In the 1970s, five separate groups based in Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Toledo, and Cleveland represented the electronic security industry in Ohio. The leaders of these five groups met with some frequency to discuss the concerns of their members. In the early 1980s, they formed an alliance known as the Ohio Burglar and Fire Alarm Association, a not-for-profit corporation for the purpose of promoting education and fostering positive relationships among its members, authorities having jurisdiction, and the community.

As a chartered state chapter of the Electronic Security Association (ESA) since 1984, the leadership of the Association is a board of directors elected bi-annually by the membership.


Ethical Standards

To maintain good standing, members of the ESA of Ohio must adhere to the following ethical standards:

  • We shall work together to improve, maintain, and make available to the public the highest quality of security and supervisory alarm services.
  • We shall use our best efforts to
    • promote friendly business relations and mutual confidence among our members.
    • disseminate information to our members and sponsor seminars or programs to keep them abreast of new developments and technology in our industry.
    • provide forums in which our members may fairly and lawfully exchange ideas and experiences that will enable them to protect and promote their business interest and enhance their ability to furnish their clients with the highest quality of security and supervisory alarm services.
  • We shall present our qualifications and proposals to prospective clients solely in terms of our ability, experience, and reputation, which shall be fairly and accurately stated.
  • We shall train our employees so they clearly understand company and association operations, procedures, and policies and are qualified to implement them in their work and explain them to our clients.
  • We shall comply with all federal, state, and local employment opportunity laws.
  • We shall conduct our dealings with our clients, prospective clients, competitors, and employees in a manner consistent with applicable law and generally recognized standards of ethical and acceptable business practice.
  • We shall abide by all duly approved common carrier tariffs and regulations as well as local, state, and federal laws and regulations applicable to our industry.
  • We shall sell, lease, install, monitor, and service our security and/or supervisory alarm equipment in conformity with the Association’s “Code of Ethics” and “Minimum Installation Standards.”
  • All references to our services and products and the advertising thereof shall be truthful, accurate, and in full compliance with the spirit and purpose of all applicable legal requirements.



In the last several years, the Association has been advocating the establishment of a single statewide agency to regulate the Electronic Security System Industry. While many municipalities in Ohio have enacted local legislation regulating the Electronic Security System Industry, most have no standards or minimum standards requiring little else than proof of insurance.

The ESA of Ohio has taken the lead on proposed legislation to provide the public with qualified reputable individuals and companies when doing business with an Electronic Security Systems provider. This legislation, if enacted, will result in a higher level of professionalism in an industry that’s purpose is to protect the security of the public.

Our volunteers continue to work for life safety and security providers in Ohio, monitoring legislation affecting the Electronic Security System Industry in Ohio, holding training classes, and providing valuable services to the membership.